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Summer Special – Children’s Session See my current specials page for more information!

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Commentary on the Denver Modeling Scene The past few months I have begun dabbling in the Denver modeling scene . . .

although I am not sure it is much of a scene. What I have determined is that Denver really is not where you want to live if you want to become a runway model or runway model photographer. Which is really pretty obvious if you think about it. What concerns me, and why I feel compelled to write about it, is that there is a definite group of people in the Denver area who are trying to pretend that it is. They throw free events for young pretty girls then offer to make them models for several thousand dollars. Problem is, there aren’t enough jobs here to make that investment worthwhile.

What there is in Denver is a great bunch of ladies with talent and ambition who are a joy to work with. And some great photographers willing to work with them.

Aspiring models – as you seek to build your portfolios, I highly encourage you to use some of the free and reputable Internet sites such as Model Mayhem or the Colorado Modeling Network to network with photographers. And as for those promising great futures for big bucks – enjoy their free events if you like. Some of the girls have a lot of fun being pampered for an evening! But stay away from expensive obligations. Resist their promises of great futures in their hands. And if you do consider working with them, know that they are definitely going to want to show a lot of skin. Because let’s face it, sex always sells.

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Gallery: Ashley A gallery: Ashley

We decided to shoot in at the historic buildings in Lakewood with a casual 50s kind of look.

We started next to the old diner.  This proved to be a challenging location to get much interesting though.

So we moved on to the abandoned gas station looking building.   We initially moved over there because it was a perfect match to her outfit.  But playing around here proved to be pretty fun.  Here we were getting some cool sunlight coming in through the windows behind her.

Next we went to the houses and Ashley wanted to take some fun shots of her mailing a letter . . . shhhh – don’t tell anyone!

The windmill was one of our number one targets for the shoot, so we took it on next as the lighting was getting right for it.  I had to switch to a wide-angle lens here to get the windmill and Ashley.  The clouds were being cooperative and we got some pretty cool shots here.

Next destination - the old barn.  The sun was setting giving us the opportunity to play with the dark contrasted with the lighting.

For the final shots, Ashley jumped a gate and climbed up some stairs for some dreamy early evening shots.

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Gallery: Emily A gallery: Emily

Emily is  a young model with some awesome athetic talent . . .

For this shoot, our original goal was to try to get some sunset shots with mountains in the background.  However, mother nature had other plans.  The clouds were looking grim, so we gave up on our original planned location, stayed closer to the car, and got some pretty cool shots anyway!

Emily is a dancer and started off doing some shoulder stand poses.  This one came out pretty cool.

She then went into a yoga and stretching type series, mixed with some comtemplative poses.

We ended the session with her jumps.  These were by far my favorite of the set.  The timing was a bit tricky . . . I’m pretty sure she got a good workout as I tried to get the timing just right.

Then came the rain.  Luckily, we got some pretty good stuff in before though.

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Gallery: Reluctant Rhonda turns Camera Diva A gallery: Reluctant Rhonda turns Camera Diva

This is what happens when you just think you are coming to my house for a visit.  Out comes the camera!

I had some new gels I was wanting to try out, and a house full of company.  Rhonda absolutely not wanting her picture taken, was my target.  After some coaxing, I convinced her that really she did want to have her picture taken after all.  In fact, I think she even started to have a little fun with it.  By the end of the afternoon, she had shades on, knocking people out of the way to have her photo taken.  That might be a slight exagerration, but never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

After she was all in, we even convinced Alfredo to jump into a couple of shots with her. 

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Kids Team Sports Photography Final Thoughts So after a few more runs at the sports photography thing, I think I am winding down with it.  One reason was a personal gripe that I won’t express here, even though it was kind of the breaking point for me and this little experiment.

However, I really wasn’t enjoying it that much anyway.  I was continuing to pick up some jobs because it was paid photography work which isn’t easy to find and it wasn’t very hard.

I continue to see the same patterns that I observed in my first experience.  The interesting thing, is I wonder how much of my observations the company owner sees.  He doesn’t seem to realize what the problem is.  So it goes I suppose.  I tried to encourage teams and do a good job as a matter of personal pride, but I get paid the same no matter how the photographs turn out.  (Maybe another problem with the entire field?)

It is a shame that this is what parents get of these prescious times.  My honest advice to a parent – get your team photos and skip out on the individuals.  At the end of the year, make an appointment with a professional photographer.  Take your uniforms and bats and balls or whatever props go with your sport.  Get some unique, individualized, high quality shots of your kiddo in their full sports attitude.

Or find a parent with a camera . . . (sarcasm relating back to prior post on this topic – if you didn’t read it, you won’t get it!)

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Gallery: Outdoor Lighting Session at Sunset #2 A gallery: Outdoor Lighting Session at Sunset #2
For this outdoor shoot, we used a sports theme.  We again were lighting with speed lights, enhanced by the sunset.

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Gallery: April Showers A gallery: April Showers

  This was kind of a fun session.  The goal was to make it look like it was raining . . . on a day that the sun was shining bright.

I played with several of these photos, but in the end we headed out to take advantage of the gorgeous day.  Why fight the sunshine, right?

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May Senior Portrait Special Check it out under my “Current Specials”!

I would love to work with anyone looking for some creative, unique senior portraits. 

John Anderson

John Anderson Photography

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