John Anderson Photography - Littleton, CO | Modeling Portfolio Sessions

I have multiple sessions to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.  Prior to all sessions, I am available to conference via phone regarding your needs from the session so that we can make the most of our time together.



This session is designed to help you create a variety of several images for your portfolio.  We will start with headshots then move on to modeling shots focusing on genres of your choice.  You will want to bring multiple outfits along with a variety of accessories to get the most from this session.  These sessions are done primarily on weekends to allow longer blocks of time.  On request, I can provide you with samples of sessions done in the past with other models. 

Length of session:  3 hours in front of camera

Number of images:  30

Price:  $450

Makeup can be included for the session for an additional $150.  Makeup artist will be available throughout the shoot and multiple looks can be provided with this option.



This session will allow you to create 2-3 distinct types of looks for your portfolio.  I encourage models who do not have strong headshots to include this as part of this session; however, it is not a requirement.

Length of session:  90 minutes in front of camera

Number of images:  15

Price:  $300

Makeup can be included for the session for an additional $75.  Makeup artist will be available throughout the shoot for necessary touch-ups and small adjustments.



In this session, we will focus on a specific need for your portfolio.  You might just need new headshots.  Or you may have a specific outfit you would like to include in your portfolio.  Maybe you have a creative idea you would like to capture.  Or maybe an agency has said you need "____".  This is the perfect session for this type of need.  I offer these sessions on weekdays only. 

Length of session:  45 minutes of shooting time once you are in front of my camera

Number of images:  5

Price:  $150

Makeup can be included for the session for an additional $50



Returning clients looking to update an elements of their portfolio can book a mini-session for $100 or a short session for $200. 



I provide basic retouching for all images.  If you would like higher quality retouching, I can provide you with these services for an additional $3 a photograph from an excellent retoucher I work with on a regular basis.  I will be happy to show you his work compared to my work so that you can choose the best option for your portfolio needs.


I ask that you bring at least 5 to 10 different options for clothing.  If you only want to do headshots, you'll just need tops.  For modeling sessions, make sure you bring a variety of both tops and bottoms, and a couple of dresses if you like.  I like to discuss with you what we think will create a strong photograph with you when you arrive.  The #1 rule . . . Love it!  Don't bring something you do not feel comfortable wearing.  You will not shoot well in it.  Try not to be too seasonal or trendy, but feel free to have some fun.  If you feel you are missing something, go shopping and leave the tags on!


I highly recommend you include makeup as part of your session.  There is a definite difference in the quality of photographs we produce from models who choose not to include makeup as part of their session.  While it is an added investment, you will find the results are definitely worth it! 

I ask that you come in with their hair ready as if they are going to an audition. We want your hair in your headshot to match the way you will look in person.  You are in charge here and your hair has to look like something that you can recreate for your auditions. You are also welcome to bring in styling products and accessories to make adjustments throughout the shoot.  This is a great way to create range and variety across your photographs.